Curio is a travel planning app for the modern adventurer looking for a taste of something out of the ordinary. The app provides a collection of unique lesser-known travel destinations that are recommended based on your personal interests, activities, and availability. When using the app you can easily see a location on the map as well as popular venues in the area. Curio uses Google Maps integration to navigate directly to your desired destination.

My creative process began with messy thumbnail sketches, then organized wireframes, and lastly a fully designed app concept. Digital collages were created to represent each destination. Lastly, a promotional website/landing page was created to advertise for the app.
Sketchbook showing content organization, logo, and wireframe development. (Click to view larger)
A few screens of the preliminary prototype with annotations for the new-user experience, profile, and search functionality.
Spot collages created for destination cover images.
Screenshot of the workboard in Adobe Xd with the color palette, app icon, and final prototype. (Click to view larger)
Structure of the prototype wires.
Full demo of the final prototyped app.
ScreenFlow recording of the promotional website created in WordPress.
BFA undergraduate project at Tyler School of Art
Design by Melissa Cronk
Art Direction by Scott Laserow
UI icons created by Noe Araujo available on