“Remembering Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark” is a tribute to the original illustrations created by Stephen Gammell and included in the popular children’s books, “Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark”. Sadly, Gammell’s illustrations are no longer being printed in the series so my goal was the preserve them in a context fitting for twisted stories they were created for. This book tells a brief history of the series’ origins, their author’s inspiration, and Stephen Gammell’s experience as an untrained artist.
The dates “1981–2011” refer to the period of time when Gammell’s illustrations were printed in the original “Scary Stories” series. The oversized skull mimics Gammell’s common use of large headed figures in his illustrations.
Detail of the end paper pattern and prelude to the book. (Click to view larger)
The title page spread featuring Gammell's work. This illustration was also used for the title page in the first “Scary Stories” book.

Opening spread for the first chapter

Pull quote detail

Detail of the matching bookmarks created for this publication
Detail of the distressed type used for the copy
Back cover with coffin symbolizing the end of an era for “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”.
BFA undergraduate project at Tyler School of Art 
Art Direction by Paul Sheriff 
Design and copywriting by Melissa Cronk
Photography by Austen Hart